2 Kings 2: 9-14




My dusty toes and tangled hair told messy tales of the glory I faced that day as I stood before the expectant crowd; a crowd ranging in size, history and desires. I spent that day trailing my way through unfamiliar dirt streets with groups of teenagers. The small villages we made our way through were nothing more than overgrown landscapes, teeming with growling dogs, and desperate people; people who were appreciative of these dull streets but desperate for more. Their faces were wrinkled with false hope and wearisome lifestyles, yet we made our way into their torn city to offer them the Hope we knew and believed in. Standing on that hand-built stage atop parched grass in the courtyard of a church, I sang the words “Vino Curand, Doamne Vino.” (even so come, Lord Jesus come) That was my hope, knowing my Lord and Saviour was coming again.

But for the orphan child standing in the congregation, what was hers?

For the widowed woman sitting in the back because her legs felt too much pain to stand, in what did she put her hope in?

And here I stood, in my utter contentment, praising the God that could satisfy all the longing they could ever have. These questions and realizations began to pile up in front of me, forming massive stacks high enough to blind my sight. Yet in the midst of my petition of emotions– the praise, the questions, the exhaustion, the peace– I looked to the setting sun, making its way towards its hiding place for the night, leaving the world with a fascinating array of colors. The unconventional beauty of the setting before my eyes left me seeking for more of the God I knew and I spoke with the Lord, “God, show me You. I want to see You.”

He responded, “you’re looking at me.”

I was startled at the answer. Then all at once, it began to make sense.

We look at the world around us and see a people who have fallen short. Our world is a population of broken billions; seeking and yearning for hope. All around us it seems that the bad is just getting worst, the hurt is just getting heavier, and the need is becoming greater. Our friends are struggling. Our families are in need of Biblical guidance. Our country is in immense need of help.

And what do we do about it? We seek out God; the right thing to do. We want to see Him move and do incredible things in our lives.

But what if the incredible thing
He did is create you?

We are the church. We are God’s children. We have been given a new life to live out all that Jesus bought for us with His blood on the cross. Forgiveness, hope, joy, peace, and love is our new reality. Heaven is our home. Jesus’s promise to us is that we can live in freedom, placing our full trust and dependence on Him. God calls us the “light(s) of the world” in Matthew 5:14. We have been given this new life to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15)

God can do amazing works that are beyond comprehension. You are proof of this.

When your sick family member is beginning to lose all hope: stand by them, have faith that God can heal, and be strong for “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” (Isaiah 40:29) When you see your friends struggling and ready to give up: help them, encourage them, and be a light for whatever situation they may be going through. That was the type of person Jesus was; faithful, graceful, and a lover of His neighbor, giving of Himself to help the world around Him.

We should be that type of people too.

Because this is the very essence of awakening; that the world may see the love of Christ shown through His people. Not only does awakening start in us, but it starts with us. If we want to see revival spread like wildfire; blazing through our personal lives, families, churches, communities, and the world around us, we have to stop looking at the size of the problems in front of us and start looking up to the size of the God going ahead of us. With His lead to guide us, we’re unstoppable.

So what’s stopping you?

There isn’t past that God’s grace isn’t big enough to forgive. There isn’t a sickness that God isn’t willing to heal. And there certainly isn’t a fear that God doesn’t want to overwhelm with His peace. God is calling us to let go of the burdens we’ve been carrying and let Him carry us into freedom; that His glory may be shown through us. Once we allow ourselves to be used by Him, awakening can begin to pour through us–our prayers, our lifestyles, the way we show love– and into the world around us.