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How to pack a shoebox :


  1. What kind of shoebox? 

Any standard shoebox – cardboard or plastic!  Wrapping is optional, but if you do, please wrap lid separately from bottom. And finish your gift with rubber bands (to hold together) AND a PRAYER 😊

  1. Is toothpaste allowed?

Although considered a liquid, this year toothpaste is allowed in the box. However, please be mindful that in some countries toothpaste may be unfamiliar and children might mistake them for a treat, will eat them and get sick. Mind the age you choose and stick to simple mint flavor. 

  1. What’s the deal with the $7 donation?

This donation allows your box to travel thousands of miles on planes, ships, trains, canoes, and even on the backs of donkeys, yaks, etc.– a GREAT bargain! Although the organization will still deliver your gift without the donation, keep in mind that this means they have to cover the costs some other way, many times at the expense of other ministries– which we want in NO way to hinder other ministries! 

  1. What if I don’t have time to build a shoebox ?

You can build a shoebox online!  


  1. Where do I bring my shoebox gift?

Drop them off at Philadelphia Romanian church by NOVEMBER 20th! There will be designated bins located downstairs by the Sunday school office! Or you can refer to the website above to find a collection site near you. 

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Shoebox Stories! 

For the past 20 years, millions of children around the world have received shoeboxes and the message of the gospelNow, some of these kids grew up to tell the story!  Read and watch videos of these awesome testimonies here :

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 1. ALWAYS pack your box with a prayer! Your gift has the power to change lives- not only for the child who receives it, but also for the lives around them! 

  1. Please adhere to the guidelines for inappropriate items found in the brochure (i.e. Chocolate, liquids, war toys, etc). 
  2. Including a tote/plastic bag is helpful for kids to carry their things in. 
  3. Although keeping items in original package is ideal in many countries, unwrapping individual items serves many purposes:        1) Eliminates waste; 2) Creates more space in the box ; 3) Prevents reselling for monetary gain by the struggling families at the expense of these children’s gifts! 

  5. Look for Ivory soap. It floats in water, which is helpful for kids bathing in rivers, murky waters, etc! 

 6. Place candy in ziplock bag. Even though hard candy is allowed, it still has the potential to melt, and can ruin the whole box as a gift! 

For More Info:

Anna Posteuca 

Phone/Text 503 803 6652