The Christmas Story; the story of Jesus’s birth. It’s a story of joy, hope, and a New Life. But, like any good story, the tale of Christ’s birth wouldn’t be complete without the onslaught of an enemy. This enemy was a man named Herod. Herod was the king of Judea. He was a wicked, ruthless, and cruel villain with a devastating plan to slaughter all boys two years and younger in Bethlehem and its surrounding vicinities. The painful journey Mary and Joseph had already endured now met its potentially perilous ending as they delivered a baby boy into the world. A moment of perfect peace distracted by the fear of reality around them. King Herod was awful. King Herod was hateful. King Herod wanted to murder the perfect baby boy in the manger. We look at the story of Jesus and read about King Herod with disgust, but we are the unveiled image of this king who was no more than a sinner. Our sin was so great that it sought for that same baby boy to be murdered for a debt He did not owe. We were so wicked, ruthless, cruel, and lost in our sin, that the sacrifice of a perfect Lord was our only saving grace.
This Saviour was Jesus. And He loves us. And He always will.

Despite the sin and bondage and the weight we carry…

Despite how evil and cruel we may be…

Despite our many shortcomings…

And in that Christmas story, Jesus was kept safe from the hands of king Herod and given a life of victory.

In our own stories, we’re kept safe from the hands of sin by Jesus’s victory on the cross and washed white as snow.