Perfect World

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We see the fall of man play out over and over again in our lives. The serpent deceived Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit by manipulating God’s words; allowing sin to enter the world. In the Garden of Eden, every need and condition was met – they even walked in the literal presence of God – yet having a perfect world does not guarantee that we will not sin.

Often times I think that if the world was a better place, I would not be tempted to sin, and in a perfect world, I would never sin; however, Adam and Eve had this perfect world, yet they still sinned.

“So if in a perfect world mankind still managed to sin, what is our excuse?”

Eve ate the fruit because she did not understand God’s command, and Adam shifted the blame on Eve for eating the fruit, and God for having given her to him. How many times have we fallen because we did not read our bibles or understand His word? How many times have we blamed our environment or others instead of owning up to our sin?

“We reconcile that sin is not the product of our environment, but our hearts.”

We can learn from Adam and Eve’s mistakes by studying scripture, so that when temptation comes it cannot deceive us. We must learn to take responsibility for ourselves, and by doing so, we reconcile that sin is not the product of our environment, but our hearts. When we understand the word of God, and take responsibility for our sin, He will begin to work in our hearts because He can see our genuine desire for Him.