Clouds“I am El-Shaddai- ‘God Almighty.’ Serve me faithfully and live a blameless life.” Genesis 17:1

In Genesis chapters 15 and 17 we read of God’s promise to Abraham; that He would bless him with many decedents. It is interesting to notice that God spoke promise into Abraham’s life at a time that did not make sense. Not only does God choose to make these promises at an unordinary time; He makes promises that are monumental. As we read in the passage, we notice two distinct reactions to God’s promise. His initial reaction is to seek assurance and his next reaction is disbelief. The God of the Universe – capable of doing all things; unrestrained by time – meets the mind of His servant, Abraham.

God’s promises are divine and powerful; supernaturally pushing through the limits of reality. They are breathed by God and carried out by His dominion throughout the earth. His promises are righteous and trustworthy. What is most beautiful is that whatever God promises is always fulfilled; regardless of the weakness in humanity. Despite our questions and disbelief, whatever God says can be completely trusted because He is God Almighty. His timing is perfect and His promises are honorable. It seems like quite a lot for our human minds to comprehend: the righteousness God being fulfilled through heaven and earth out of perfect love for us.