Mountain Side 1Imagine having to make a sacrifice this week. The sacrifice is unknown, yet expected to be great. This act would scare us, granted today in 2017 comfort is high and many of us have busy schedules. Rewind to Genesis 22, Abraham was called to make a sacrifice assuming God was going to provide him with a lamb for the altar, yet prepared to use his one and only son as the sacrifice.

The outcome was relieving as God did provide a ram for Abraham to sacrifice in the end, but the point of the story is that Abraham put full trust in God regardless of the weight of the sacrifice. How often do we go that far in our walk with God? Do we get to the alter? Or do we even consider going up the mountain?

Trust in God wasn’t even a question anymore for Abraham, after being 100 years old and having a child, God was sure to be evident and trust worthy of any word he claimed. Nevertheless, was man trustworthy at this point? As the story of Abraham goes, although he was promised a great offspring, this man could not come the same conclusion. Sacrificing ourselves and putting down what everything else but God says seems impossible, yet we see the success later in Abraham’s walk with God made it all worth it.