City Contruction“Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.” Genesis 11:4

Genesis 10-11 represents a new start. It represents a people who wanted to make a name for themselves, a people whose social unity and technology, gave them the confidence to think they could build a self-sufficient society for themselves – one apart from God, a people who had lost all their need for God.

“And the Lord said…Come let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech. So, the Lord dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city.” Genesis 11:7-8

Isn’t it so funny that their society back then sounds a lot like ours now? God helps us get out of the flood in our own lives, and boom, we are right back to doing it our way, without God. It is so easy to forget where God has brought us from, and when we forget we deceive ourselves into believing we do not need Him anymore. We so easily find ourselves making plans for our lives as if we know tomorrow is promised, because time and time again, we think we can live this life for our own, yet time and time again, God scatters our plans to remind us to submit to His will.

In the moment, we might be confused just like the people at the Tower of Babel, but as time passes, we see His hand and magnificent purpose behind it all. You might find yourself standing in a confusing time in your life right now. Know that it is the loving hand of your creator directing you in much greater paths for your life. There is a purpose and benefit in everything the Lord does, just like at the Tower of Babel, and in the process, He will lovingly teach you to put your trust and future in Him.


TreesGenesis 6:9 – “Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation.”

We know how it feels to be pressured into being liked and accepted by others, we know that Noah also may have understood that being of God made him stand apart from the world, but Noah was obedient to God, not man, and for his faith and righteousness, him and his family were saved.

Genesis 8:21 “The Lord said in his heart, “I will never again curse the ground because of man, for the intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth. Neither will I ever again strike down every living creature as I have done.”

When Noah finally disembarked from the Ark, he built an altar to God, and offered burnt offerings, upon smelling it, God creates a covenant with Noah and the world, in which he shall never again pour out his wrath on man and the world. To demonstrate this promise, God sets a rainbow in the clouds, so that whenever the rainbows appear, He will see it and remember the promise He made to Noah and the earth. This promise still stands today, revealing God’s immutable character.

Have we noticed how different our struggles would be if we were to seek God’s obedience just as much as we seek His forgiveness?

Set Apart

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What are you going to do when you are with your friends, and they decide to do something that does not reveal Christ? Are you going to go along with them? It would be understandable if you did, we are humans, and we like to fit in. We crave acceptance, but are you willing to sin just so that you can look cool in front of our peers? There is only one way to be strong in moments like those, and that is standing with God.

Noah is that example of standing with God, even when the world around him was consumed with sin. God, who sees the heart of every man, decided to save Noah and his family because of his steadfast love and obedience to God. We need to strive to be like Noah, to stand with God alone during temptations of the world.

Perfect World

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We see the fall of man play out over and over again in our lives. The serpent deceived Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit by manipulating God’s words; allowing sin to enter the world. In the Garden of Eden, every need and condition was met – they even walked in the literal presence of God – yet having a perfect world does not guarantee that we will not sin.

Often times I think that if the world was a better place, I would not be tempted to sin, and in a perfect world, I would never sin; however, Adam and Eve had this perfect world, yet they still sinned.

“So if in a perfect world mankind still managed to sin, what is our excuse?”

Eve ate the fruit because she did not understand God’s command, and Adam shifted the blame on Eve for eating the fruit, and God for having given her to him. How many times have we fallen because we did not read our bibles or understand His word? How many times have we blamed our environment or others instead of owning up to our sin?

“We reconcile that sin is not the product of our environment, but our hearts.”

We can learn from Adam and Eve’s mistakes by studying scripture, so that when temptation comes it cannot deceive us. We must learn to take responsibility for ourselves, and by doing so, we reconcile that sin is not the product of our environment, but our hearts. When we understand the word of God, and take responsibility for our sin, He will begin to work in our hearts because He can see our genuine desire for Him.





God gave Adam and Eve the liberty to eat and partake of any fruit or bounty within the Garden of Eden, but to not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The key thing is that the fruit is unimportant, but abstaining from eating it represented Adam and Eve’s willingness to continually love and trust the Lord, and by not eating the forbidden fruit, they could both demonstrate their obedience and faithfulness.


“….but rather the serpent’s temptation was to be like God.”


Unfortunately, as we all know, that was not the case. Temptation came to Adam and Eve through the serpent, and they both ate the fruit. However, when the serpent came and tempted them, it was not that Adam and Eve did not know right from wrong, or good from evil, for they first denied the serpent. The temptation was not really for Adam and Eve to gain knowledge of good and evil that they did not already have, but rather the serpent’s temptation was to be like God.

Satan held out to them the possibility that they could become the law unto themselves, no longer under any obligation to God, and as a result, humanity is punished, but before the ink has dried, God also institutes his covenant of grace, by sparing Adam and Eve, and promising to destroy the serpent. He then clothed Adam and Eve’s shame with animal skins, ultimately pointing to the day when His Son would crush sin and Satan, and provide the covering of His perfect righteousness for our shame.







Human destination for life was direct from God. Even though Adam and Eve had set directions, they still fell in complications. This, in turn began a spiral effect for the rest of time. So? Do we blame it on them for screwing it up? No.


As we go through life we learn. We learn to do certain things – to say certain things. We learn what not to do as well. We learn all of these from others. We see how Adam and Eve were deceived by evil, and we learn. The two were destined for greatness, yet faced consequences due to their actions.




To get to the point – we as humans are destined for good but tend to get caught up in the wrong. Is that what’s supposed to happen to us? No. Evil does not have to ruin your lifestyle. The power of God like in Genesis is still the same today. God gave Adam and Eve life even after they sinned, and He is giving us the opportunity to repent and live a life free if we ask Him too also.



No shame.


Humanity was quite special in the beginning. It was pure, it was elegant. It was shameless. God created man from dust and breath. He created woman from nothing and bone. In Genesis 2:7, and 2:22 the first man and woman are created in the image of the Creator. The first flesh, Adam and Eve. Naked and bare, unashamed. Breathing living purity. Seeking nothing but direction.


No shame.


Man and women had intentions from God that were necessary. God gave direction to man to name every animal and livestock on earth, and he did, without question. God gave man a helper, as He knew there would be a need.


No shame.


God created man and women for purpose. That any sort of shame, guilt, impurity wouldn’t be a problem. Today, all of these are embedded in our lives, without any sort of purpose. Sin, only happened after the good work was finished. Sin doesn’t have to start in our lives when the good is finished, as the Lord gave us something that covers that sin. Without shame, He gave us a sacrifice.